What the ....!!

Well all of us guys have sweared at some time(leaving the ladies out..that's why they are called ladies..),sometimes out of exasperation of the events which befall them and others who do it just for the heck of it.So why do we do it..Why do we swear?We could always stay calm at the onset of a problem,rack our heads and find a solution.Isn't swearing an unnecessary part?We don't gain anything except a few raised eyebrows if the swearing was passionate enough..Is it our anguish??Sort of like a verbal outlet for desperate feelings which would otherwise have physical reactions?If it were,how can we explain those who can't finish a sentence without the f word and it's counterparts in different languages..U could say that would be a case of bad upbringing..but i don't think that plays a major part..i can't deny the environment u live has a part in this..but i think We swear because we initially swear just to see people raise a few eyebrows.That we are capable of saying things people thought we would never do..For kids it's some form of acceptance from puberty to adolescence..And then in due course of time as habits stick on,so does the extent to which we swear..It makes us believe that we are capable of what we say,reflecting on the meaner grim side of life.Some sort of a power gain..But alas..that is not what runs in the minds of a more mature crowd when we swear..I know of people who had a real hard time because of their loose tongue...and i can't deny that i am not one of them(obviously or else i wouldn't be writing this!!).and i can picture the kind of look u get from these people when ur expletives get the unwanted attention.The other day i read an article what the f word actually stood for.For me it sounds like another urban legend.One of it says Fornication Under Cardinal Knowledge.
Funny..I had heard another one about the infamous finger gesture.During the famous hundred years war the french would cut of the index finger of the english crossbow archers thus making it impossible to use their bows and would let them go free.The englishmen it is said, learnt to use their bows with their middle finger and after the battle of agnicourt raised their middle finger to mock the french.But there can be serious misunderstandings if u use the thumbs up gesture in some arabian countries.it's the equivalent of the middle finger in western countries!!!Anyway the loose use of expletives is something the civlised world will never comprehend..and i hope they don't!!!


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