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Just hum it!!

The last weekend I was at Trivandrum(I am an electrical engineering Undergraduate Of College Of Engineering Trivandrum).I was kinda bored when my sister rang me up an asked me about a song.Well i knew the tune.My cousin sis when she came from uk had made us hear it.It was melodious.well it was exceptional.Well anyway that's subjective.She asked me if i could find out who sang it.Well with no tag words to search i was stuck.Then it hit me.when i was in my 10th std i read an article on a new kind of music search that was to be launched.u just had to hum it and it would retrieve the artist.Well it sounded pretty cool and i promised myself to check it out.unfortunately i lost the i googled my way through using the keywords hum song forget.i got the name of the the site claimed u just had to hum it.i decided to find out.i had no idea abt the lyrics.anyway i just hummed.i couldn't believe was a song by enya called anywhere is.i couldn'…