Just hum it!!

The last weekend I was at Trivandrum(I am an electrical engineering Undergraduate Of College Of Engineering Trivandrum).I was kinda bored when my sister rang me up an asked me about a song.Well i knew the tune.My cousin sis when she came from uk had made us hear it.It was melodious.well it was exceptional.Well anyway that's subjective.She asked me if i could find out who sang it.Well with no tag words to search i was stuck.Then it hit me.when i was in my 10th std i read an article on a new kind of music search that was to be launched.u just had to hum it and it would retrieve the artist.Well it sounded pretty cool and i promised myself to check it out.unfortunately i lost the newspaper.so i googled my way through using the keywords hum song forget.i got the name of the site.www.midomi.com.well the site claimed u just had to hum it.i decided to find out.i had no idea abt the lyrics.anyway i just hummed.i couldn't believe it.it was a song by enya called anywhere is.i couldn't believe it and neither did my friends.one of them decided to push their luck.hummed tere bina and bingo!!It was retrieved.and so was To phir aao!we couldn't stop thinking abt the possibilities.u hear a song in the street or as a movie soundtrack.u love it.but how would u know who sung it?Anyway for those sceptics who don't think this will work.check this out. it even recognises mohammed rafi's old songs(i tried dil dekho dekho) and u don't have to be Shanker mahadevan to sing it.a simple humming will suffice.searching through the site a couple of times,i guess english and japanese are the most catalogued.Anyway this site is definitely on the top of my coolest list.the second coolest would be bugmenot.com it is used to bypass compulsory registration.well imagine u found out a site from where u can download music.but just when ur abt to download the song the site asks u to register ur account to download it.so u have to fill up that form of ur details.check ur mail and finally click on the link to activate ur account.That is tedious.what bugmenot does is it has numerous usernames and passwords of other users who have submitted it here.don't try this for paid accounts.it seldom works.Anyway i found this to be
pretty useful.i don't want some unknown site to spam my mailbox.
anyway i will be regular visitor of midomi for some time before i update my cool list again;-)


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