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Love Actually!

Well,I guess I am taking my blogs to a much more personal level.Hey
let's face it,nobody wants to have an overdose of science from a
blog.Ok,i am going to make one thing clear..This is just a few
glimpses into the mysteries surrounding that thing called love and
more importantly what i feel about it.Like i said before these are
just my rants..
So what is love?Scientists attribute love to production of
hormones such as oxytocin,dopamine(yeah the same addictive
drug,explains why they say love is addictive),vasopressin and
adrenaline.Then there is this huge confusion surrounding the love-lust
differentiation.Just go to and check the teenage
section and you will be amazed by how much this question is still
improperly addressed.
I guess I will state the obvious without further ado.Yes I have
fallen in love.And yes it's wonderful as they all say.And yeah,the
girl didn't fall for me...And i know it's funny when i think about it
now,but it wasn't,a long ti…