Love Actually!

Well,I guess I am taking my blogs to a much more personal level.Hey
let's face it,nobody wants to have an overdose of science from a
blog.Ok,i am going to make one thing clear..This is just a few
glimpses into the mysteries surrounding that thing called love and
more importantly what i feel about it.Like i said before these are
just my rants..
So what is love?Scientists attribute love to production of
hormones such as oxytocin,dopamine(yeah the same addictive
drug,explains why they say love is addictive),vasopressin and
adrenaline.Then there is this huge confusion surrounding the love-lust
differentiation.Just go to and check the teenage
section and you will be amazed by how much this question is still
improperly addressed.
I guess I will state the obvious without further ado.Yes I have
fallen in love.And yes it's wonderful as they all say.And yeah,the
girl didn't fall for me...And i know it's funny when i think about it
now,but it wasn't,a long time back.The fact that i can write about it
here in a blog just underlines that i am way past it.
One of the things I guess is core to the love thing is,it isn't
logical.If u plan on using logic you better move out because it will
be over before you know it..That's for the guys who think it's too
easy.I am not against love.Just because a girl didn't love me back
does not make me lose faith in the whole system,even if i felt she was
the one..To those folks who say love is a necessary evil,i have a
question.What does your mom feel to your dad??how do you define that
mutual feeling they have for each other?love manifests in different
ways.It is central to a relationship and If it isn't i doubt if there
is a relationship at all.
I know this is totally weird for everyone out there and maybe
inappropriate for some but sometimes falling in love and messing up
everything does wonders to personality fabrication.I am not
kidding!!The Experience is devestating,sometimes simply too
unbelievable and the stark realisation that things are not going the
way you would have ever wanted and worse of it all,you can't do
anything about it..And finally the hardest part of letting go.It takes
a strong resolve to let go..To achieve closure..And after all that you
look back and realise that it was for the better good.u can either
become adamant and cling on to ur unrealistic beliefs or u could
change ur attitude and start over.There is no point in clinging on to
a relationship if u can't see or make anything good out of it..Just
let go.Don't cling on to something just for the hell of it..ur doing
more damage than u could possibly think..u cannot force love.That's
one thing that u should never forget!
i have this philosophy.I believe that although god could have made
our life pretty much automated and monotonous.But he decided against
that,and decided to give us free will..We could choose our fate.we
could decide what people wrote on our tombstone...Although the stage
in which we played out our life might have been small and our part may
be small and may seem insignificant,we still have our own screen
time..we could still decide how others would remember us.We are at
complete liberty to choose our own path if we want.And that makes each
one of us unique..Everyone...They cannot be regarded as just numbers
on a statistician's book..Every living person,each one of them filled
with a purpose to do something meaningful in life so that they can go
peacefully to the grave..
These days i see a lot of boy-girl friendship going on..I am not
averse to such friendships but i don't really approve of a boy talking
to the girl all the time and still call it friendship..Come on
People!!U can't have the best of both worlds.U either have to restrict
the relationship to limits that make sense in a good friendship or
just come out of the woods and make a clean statement out of it.After
all love's not a crime.But loving the inappropriate person is!!
In my part of the world,we have been seeing a brother-sister kind
of relationship as the next level to a boy-girl friendship but
personally i think it's the biggest load of bullshit i have ever
heard(sorry about the expletive but it is just right in the
context!).The brother-sister relatonship is just for a namesake.Who
has ever heard of a brother talking to a sister for all the spare
time in class,sitting together for most of the time?calling on the
cellphone for hours?going to the theatre just the two of them on every
little chance?It defies logic.This is so hypocritical.I have a sister
and i love her so much.There are absolutely no secrets between me and
her and vice versa too..but i don't sit with my sister all the time
when we are at home or at church or at a wedding!!! For these
so-called siblings,I believe it's just a namesake so that they can
still have the best of both worlds,and yet have an assurance that does
not come with a boy-girl friendship,something that stamps the
relationship with a quality control measure preventing the whole
relationship from going astray.To all those Guys,grow a beard and show
those people proof that ur still a man..!!because i really don't think
you are!!To the words..think the huge contradiction and the
huge truth that is inches from ur face and staring right at ur
face,and ur so blind,so blind to see the obvious.. Think of the whole
futility of what ur doing..
Well for me,I don't think i could fall in love again.I am not
heartbroken or anything..I just realised why no matter how many girls
i meet they wouldn't love me back.The problem is me...Girls at this
age dream about a lot of things,and i don't Think i fit the bill of
their Prince Charming..The thing is I can be rude,very mean..I am not
exactly Brad Pitt material..I can't sweet talk and the one time i did
that i was so disgusted with myself i swore i wouldn't do it
again..All i know is that i know people..I can sense pain,sadness and
i have always been there for all of my friends.I take great pains to
see that everyone is alright.I can't turn a blind eye when someone's
asking for help.I always put myself in other peoples shoes before i
put on mine.It has landed me in a lot of trouble.But i guess it's
worth it.I don't have a lot of if my friends came with an
expiry date..Everything i have experienced have carved me out..I could
either cry that my life is all messed up and live in the past,or i
could pull myself together,get up ,move on and hope for the best.

Right now i don't have a need to impress girls,i don't have to
prove that i can outsmart any guy and show the gals.."I am the Real
Deal.Pick me"..!!I can be myself.I am Happy with what i am.When i
speak i don't have to pretend to be nice when some girl is throwing
mud at my face..I gained a lot of lessons..Most of it the hard way.But
it somehow has enlightened me a lot..somehow i seem to be above the
whole game..Somehow as weird as it sounds i am kind of thankful how
things ended.If i knew things were to end like this in the beginning,i
would have second thoughts,nah i wouldn't have got myself involved.but
again u can't decide anything at that stage when ur mind is like the
soccer ball in the fifa world cup's so crazy..
For everyone out there who has never fallen in love..ur missing the
best part..For those who already are in love,love isn't made of
unbreakable china..don't think of throwing it up just to see if u can
catch it back..Don't..cause u won't..


Yadu said…
Awesome post man! Very well written and frank to the point of being absurd.
Shanker said…
Very true.but targeted:-)
Praji said…
nice post:) welcome to life bro:)

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