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Part I-Life Before IIT

I usually bring out the best in me when I am emotionally distraught..But I have decided it was time to finally end this dry spell..I am referring to Blog Posts of course!..I always thought Writer's Block was just another excuse for novelists and others to be pretty damn lazy and still justify it.
As again i repeat that these are just things on top of my head..You have every right to comment and make your point known to the world.If you have any concerns or are offended by the content and want me to change the contents...well it is my blog again..I really don't see that happening..U know..Anyway.So..Now since that part is clear i can move on.

I would love to begin with A short story of a kid..Once upon a time there was a kid who lived in a small town.. He dreamed of space exploration.He would read books on outer space.Blackholes,Supernovas,Big bang theory..of course..Only Half of it made sense to the 7 year old kid..But still the excitement was way high to be contained..He l…

Part -II Plethora of Screw Ups!!

As my good friend Jerry quoted "Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age travels alone".As i have seen till now ,craziness and stupidity together are a potent combination for disasters and..the idiotics that can be presented with these is the limit!! The kid went to college with a feeling of being left out of his 'flock'(His 'flock' being scattered across IITs and NITs!!)During the first year of college He met friends for the first time that mattered..For the first time ever he understood why  friendship was a big deal!It was everything when ur with ur best friends!!And then it happened..I mean it was just a matter of time..It happens with everyone..Some time in their life!!He fell In love!!Oh the most beautiful feeling!!You just had to hear the voice ,see the girl.I mean there was just no other option...U Just keep on wondering what the girl is doing right now..And then he finally said the three words..Of course the reaction wasn't what h…