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The Power to Shift Perception

I do not know if I have progressed in life so far as to have the purported wisdom in taking up a topic like this with authority. What I do know is that though this may be taken as one of my rants by the reader(s??), but they are what I believe so much now, ideas sculpted from each hammer blow life has dealt me. When I write a blog post, I always keep in my head the audience to whom I am addressing. This entire post could be taken from a religious perspective. But that is an entirely different discussion and definitely not the direction that I want the reader to take up. The semi autobiographical nature of my three previous posts were aimed at the most universal,generic group. This one I believe is also of the same fundamental type although it may not appear to be so. Look around you, the people around you and then you will understand why I had to write this. I have not added personal experiences here, because they are my personal experiences and when you recount them, they are merely…