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The coming of age of VR

The year is 2025. Mr. Palmer Luckey is a 41-year-old married man living in Chicago and can be described as your typical office goer. He has a 9-5 job, rarely takes vacations, and is always on time in coming to office. He doesn’t work on Sundays and so Sunday is when Palmer does all the exciting things he plans to do. Palmer is a paragliding enthusiast. He loves to go paragliding at any opportune moment. Opportune moments unfortunately only come on Sundays! This Sunday he has decided to go to Julian Alps in Slovenia, one of the best recommended paragliding locations in the world. He has already paid for the trip, so it’s only a question of getting ready! Palmer also has this secret ambition of being a public speaker, something which his job never encouraged nor was required. This Sunday after paragliding in Slovenia, he plans to spend the afternoon giving a speech on “The Future of Extreme Sports” in front of a live audience. He still hasn’t decided the venue but he is preferential tow…