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A Different Perspective (Alternate Title: Acknowledging my long lost creation!)

A bit of background on this post. This is what I call an orphaned post. I wrote this once but didn't have the guts/temperament to actually publish it because I didn't think I was ready to take on this topic. Hence Orphaned. The word "Orphan" in fact describes this blog post quite well(i.e it is an abandonment of something I created because I wasn't ready to consider it my creation. Hence the Alternate title in the heading!). I know I am not very politically correct in using the word Orphaned but whatever. It's just a blog post. Don't get your panties in a twist. The good thing is nearly 6 years later, I dusted this post of my evernote account hidden in one of the archives inside. And I think this post makes for an interesting read for me because  a)It's always fun to read what you thought of life years ago. I was pretty agitated and belligerent back then. I think I have mellowed down over the years. Age has finally caught up on m…